PEC believes we bring the benefits of our unique company culture to each client we serve and each project we undertake.  The firm has eight hands-on owners who each have unique capabilities and a long term time investment in the firm.  This genuine dedication results in a true consensus among the PEC Owners to, at all times, do what is in the long term best interest of the client. Our firm focuses on designing projects and programs that meet a client’s technical needs while understanding their financial constraints.

PEC’s work is led by professional Project Managers who are supported by technicians, project engineers, and construction personnel that will work as a team from cradle to grave through a project’s development.  This approach provides for a project design and construction continuity that ensures implementation follows the Owner’s vision throughout the life of the project.

PEC has endeavored to create an open work culture in its organization that encourages all staff to be an integral part of the project’s development. Our firm is an advocate of continuing education for all its employees; and, more importantly, PEC provides a positive and supportive environment for all its personnel. PEC ensures its employees understand and use the best technology as well as enjoy their assignments and take pride in their work.  We strive to instill in our employees a true passion for our clients, our profession and our workplace.  A natural result of this environment is that everyone at all times does their best work for each PEC client. We encourage and deliver a WIN WIN Culture!!