Staff and Credentials

PEC management will evaluate a project’s needs and urgency. We then assign our most experienced and knowledgeable staff personnel based on the size, scope, and complexity of the particular project.


An experienced multi-disciplined project team will be assembled based on the size, time schedule, and scope of the particular project. A project manager is assigned to be the point of contact with the Client and is the responsible individual to ensure the team meets milestones, scheduled completion dates, and the project’s proposed design and construction budget. The Project Manager is responsible to maintain coordination and communication with the Client. Responsiveness and clear communications is cornerstone of the PEC Project Manager’s management approach. The firm believes in keeping the Client informed with both the good and the bad of a project’s development. We don’t want a Client to be surprised but will appraise all issues and inform him as appropriate. PEC in many cases believes it serves as an extension of staff to the Client and yet still will provide the objectivity to say what, in our opinion, is in the best interest of the project and the Client.

PEC has endeavored to create an open work culture in its organization that encourages all staff to be an integral part of the project’s development. Our firm is an advocate of continuing education for all its employees; and, more importantly, PEC provides a positive and supportive environment for all its personnel. PEC ensures its employees understand and use the best technology as well as enjoy their assignments and take pride in their work.  We strive to instill in our employees a true passion for our clients, our profession and our workplace.  A natural result of this environment is that everyone at all times does their best work for each PEC client. We encourage and deliver a WIN WIN Culture!!

The total quality management concept is a significant part of the PEC quality assurance approach. All team members participate in the project’s initial kickoff and the development of the overall design concept including the understanding and definition of the major issues and obstacles to ensure a successful project is achieved. With the buy in and understanding of all players on the design team, a consistent and thorough design can be achieved with quality being a responsibility of all team members.


A brief experience description of key PEC personnel is presented below. The depth of the experience in each of these staff members ranges from over 40 years to less than two. The principal Project Managers have a minimum of 15 years of experience and have worked on a diversity of infrastructure projects from wastewater to highways. PEC assigns Project Managers to projects based on the knowledge that the project is one of their areas of primary expertise and experience. The firm does not assign Project Managers with a learning curve to run significant projects that have short time frames with complex coordination and technical issues. PEC‘s design teams for the most part have worked together for several years in that particular infrastructure service area and understand how to approach a design effort in the most coordinated, efficient and effective manner.


Mr. Arikol, President of PEC, performs civil/environmental engineering, design and project management efforts for local, state and federal clientele. Mr. Arikol has over twenty- years of experience as an engineer. His depth of municipal experience includes water and wastewater (both sanitary and storm water) treatment plants, pumping stations, distribution systems, gravity lines, and force mains, municipal roads and drainage. Mr. Arikol has extensive municipal project management experience in all of PEC’s primary infrastructure design areas.


Mr. Gravois has been employed with PEC since 1982. He has performed extensive civil engineering project design and management for over 25 municipal clients. His scope of municipal experience and expertise includes water treatment plants, water wells, water pumping stations, water storage tanks, water distribution systems, sanitary collection sewers, sewer pump stations and force mains, wastewater treatment plants, natural gas systems and Parish roadway design.


Mr. Babin has been affiliated with PEC since 1988. He is an experienced civil engineer with specialized expertise in roadway/bridge projects as well as airport design. His years in the engineering field has taken him through a variety of tasks and responsibilities from project management, to detailed engineering design efforts, horizontal and vertical geometric calculations, earthwork, drainage, and quantity calculations, drafting plan/profile sheets, and typical sections on many state and federal highway and airport projects. Mr. Babin has also served as Grant Administrator for General Aviation projects which require this service.


Ms. Carambat performs civil/environmental engineering planning, permitting, design, and construction administration for municipal clients. Ms. Carambat has been with PEC since 1996 and her depth of municipal experience includes wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, gravity lines, and force mains, as well as water distribution lines, elevated water towers, roadways, drainage, and gas distribution systems. She has successfully applied for and obtained grants and loans from the Governor’s Office of Rural Development, Louisiana Community Development Block Grant Program (LCDBG), Rural Utility Services (formerly Farmer’s Home Administration), and Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.


Mr. Colson has over 20 years of engineering experience has been affiliated with PEC since 1995. He has served as Project Engineer on various municipal and Parish civil projects. He has been responsible for preparing preliminary engineering reports, cost estimates, grant applications, plans and specifications and construction observation on a diversity of infrastructure projects including sewer collection and treatment, storm water drainage and pump stations, water, gas, and road projects. Mr. Colson has served as structural engineer on various municipal projects as well.


Mr. Moise has over 40 years of experience in the planning, design and construction of various environmental and infrastructure studies and projects. He has served as lead project engineer and project manager for work on various civil projects including environmental assessments and investigations, planning studies, design, and construction of drainage and wastewater facilities, gas and product pipelines, fueling facilities (above and below ground tanks), commercial, recreational and industrial parks and alternative fuels for vehicle fleet. He has served as project manager on design and construction of infrastructure projects ranging in costs from $500,000 to over $300 million dollars.


Mr. Shires has over 20 years experience managing infrastructure programs. He has extensive knowledge and experience in leading the development of and implementation of infrastructure Master Plans and planning and prioritization of capital projects. He has served as both a consultant and the Owner in the development of capital improvement programs and understands both perspectives in undertaking a program or project to meet the community’s needs. As the Engineering Director of Public Works for St Tammany and the Public Works Director of the City of New Orleans, he directed the implementation of projects, monitored project estimates and budgets, coordinated consultants on infrastructure projects and literally managed multi-million dollar infrastructure programs to minimize the impact on the residents of the community and also stayed within the dollars budgeted for the program or project. Mr. Shires has extensive design and project management experience in road and street programs as both a consulting engineer and in his DPW Director positions.


Mr. Sumner brings a broad back ground of “in the air and on the ground” airport facilities experience to the PEC team as he is a seasoned pilot and was an aviator in the US Army for over 10 years. Since joining PEC, he has been “used exclusively as a project designer” to assist in the planning and design of aviation projects due to his familiarity with airports and their overall operations. His specific flying expertise has facilitated an excellent understanding and application of FAA procedures, criteria and related requirements in the projects he has been involved with as identified below. He has worked closely under the supervision of Gerald Babin, PE and Project Manager, in his planning and design role on these projects. He has been a project designer on pavement rehabilitation, runway alignment, drainage, property, airspace, and airport layout plans. Mr. Sumner holds a degree in aviation and civil engineering from LSU.


Mr. Weber is currently our lead civil site designer responsible for the coordination of calculations, design and detailing of various civil projects. He has done site design for both public and private facilities including large commercial stores, subdivisions and major public improvement projects. He has also previously worked on numerous roadway projects where he gained experience with topographic and right-of-way surveys and maps, geometric design, drainage calculations, etc. He has also been heavily involved in surveying and plat preparation for various PEC projects.


Mr. Holland served as supervisor of the LDOTD Location and Survey Section Checking Unit for 18 years. He was directly involved in supervising the activities of topographic surveys, property surveys, and right-of-way maps prepared by 60-80 professional engineering firms. The scope of this work included direct supervision of professional and sub-professional employees engaged in the monitoring and checking of right-of-way maps prepared by consultant engineering and survey firms, as well as those prepared by the LDOTD Location and Survey Section. Prior to serving as supervisor of the Location and Survey Section Checking Unit, he has served in a number of other positions during his 36 years with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development in positions that were directly related to the preparation of right-of-way maps.


Ms. Lormand has been employed with PEC since 1997 and has years of extensive experience in project administration. She has worked with a variety of governmental programs and has a thorough knowledge of the program requirements for agencies such as the Louisiana Community Development Block Grant Program (LCDBG), USDA Rural Utilities Service, LGAP, ISTEA, Capital Outlay, Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, etc. to acquire grant funding for municipalities and districts throughout Louisiana. Ms. Lormand also exercises a key role in projects requiring environmental reports and clearance. She has well established contacts with State and governmental agencies such as the Corps of Engineers, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), and the LA Wildlife & Fisheries, etc.