Right of Way Acquisition and Relocation

PEC has the ability to organize a team of seasoned professionals from several specializations to meet the needs of any ROW, site acquisition or relocation project. Our firm is familiar with the federal and state laws and professional guidelines relevant to the tasks required to complete a diversity of site acquisition and relocation projects.  Further, PEC project managers become familiar with the intent of the proposed project to be designed and constructed, so there is a clear and comprehensive understanding of the scope of the potential ROW, relocation and site acquisition.  In addition to provision of our own exceptional in-house staff expertise, PEC establishes exclusive commitments from appraisers, environmental scientists and other pertinent professionals to ensure fulfillment of any all-inclusive Scope of Services for ROW or site acquisition. 

The PEC Team worked together for more than six years on the single largest transportation program in state history, the Louisiana TIMED Program.  This specific PEC project history has created a built-in efficiency, leading to development of an extremely cost-effective and responsive Land Services Package. 

Our approach begins with the recognition that while we are serving our client, we are also endeavoring to establish credibility and trust with the landowners involved in the project concept. PEC understands that negotiations become more efficient and timely in a cooperative and site-knowledgeable environment.

PEC team experience includes: title research and curative work, property surveys, map/plan development, appraisal/appraisal review preparation, right-of-way acquisition and relocation negotiations, environmental assessment, and expropriation hearings.  We also provide a GIS component that has been successfully used to merge collected GIS data with various landowner databases and mapping systems.

In addition to meeting established schedules, we will attempt achievement of project goals at a reduced total project cost – a goal PEC was consistently able to achieve for the TIMED Program.  We will coordinate tasks with the Client’s PM or lead consultant to ensure PEC and the client are on the same page with project objectives. The PEC team has expertise and experience to perform concurrent task orders while maintaining the highest quality work.

PEC offers full turnkey ROW services including appraisals, appraisal review, titles, acquisitions, relocation assistance and property management services.  Our services are complemented by our engineering expertise regarding construction feasibility. The following services are offered by PEC:


  • Cost Estimating Services
  • Project Reporting Services
  • Project Scheduling
  • Clerical and Administrative Support
  • Contract/Sub-Contract Management
  • Quality Assurance Program


  • Take Offs, 30-Year Merchantable Title Searches, Patent Searches
  • Curative Services & Document Preparation
  • Offer Presentations
  • Administrative Settlements and Justification
  • Legal Description Preparation
  • Closings and Title Cures


  • Public Meetings
  • Needs Assessment Surveys/Occupant Inventories
  • Advisory Services
  • Claim Approval and Processing
  • Relocation Housing Payment Computations
  • Conceptual Stage & Right-of-Way Stage Relocation Plans


  • Alternative Route Selection
  • Conceptual Stage Relocation Plans
  • Preliminary Route Estimates and Cost Benefit Analysis


  • Cost Consultant Services
  • Fee and Easement Appraisals
  • Appraisal Review and Appraisal Review Reports


  • Surplus Property Inventories
  • Inventory Assessment and Disposal
  • Lease and Rental Services
  • Demolition Management
  • Operations, Maintenance and Site Integrity

A listing of projects is as follows: