Construction Management, Administration and Inspection

PEC maintains a group of experienced and highly qualified construction administration and inspection personnel to assist an Client in the construction phase of a project’s implementation.  Construction administration and management services can be designed to augment an Client’s in-house capabilities or can be performed as a separate comprehensive contracted service.

PEC can provide complete construction administration and management services from conceptual program development to completion and closeout on a diversity of infrastructure projects.  We specialize in assisting public agencies in planning, funding, designing, and constructing public works projects.  As part of our value added service, we develop and prepare master schedules and cash flow projections to assist our clients in understanding the financial planning of their projects.  We also review design documents for constructability and completeness to ensure the project delivered will meet the client’s expectations.  We manage proactively and understand the importance of communication and handling issues immediately and effectively.  We develop positive teaming environments with Clients and contractors to ensure cost-effective, timely and successful project delivery.

One of PEC’s primary services has been providing construction administration and daily field inspections on a variety of projects designed by our firm. Our construction staff is involved annually in over 60 million dollars of construction projects designed by PEC’s in-house staff.  We maintain in-depth current experience and the specific expertise needed to ensure that facilities are constructed in accordance with approved plans, specifications and acceptable construction industry practices.