Portfolio Projects: Site Development

Service Type: Site Development
Project Name:   Booker Fowler Fish Hatchery
Project Location South of Alexandria, LA
Client LA Department of Wildlife & Fisheries
Estimated Const. Cost: $11,966,000
Funding Sources: State Capital Outlay Program

PEC was awarded the project by the Louisiana Division of Administration’s Office of Facility Planning as the Prime Consultant to design and construct a new fish hatchery for the potential restocking of waterways throughout the State of Louisiana.  The initial intent of the new facility was to restock the Atchafalaya Basin waterways that experienced a significant fisheries loss in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. The primary fish to be raised were large mouth bass, sturgeons and catfish. The proposed site for the Hatchery was over 80 acres of rural forested land.  The firm was responsible for all site work including  coordination of all surveying for a complete site topo, geotechnical work and design of access roads, major drainage improvements,  new utilities (water, gas, sewer,  electricity, and communication systems) and tie in to all the new buildings and related structures.   The project earthwork involved over 60 acres of levees and the installation of a liner system to prevent pond leakage.  Another major component of work was the development and improvement of both surface and ground water required to obtain and maintain specific water quality levels required by Wild Life and Fisheries biologist for various types of fish species.   

The water treatment, storage and distribution system was tied into or fed over 70 individual pond systems.- 55 one acre ponds for final fish growth, 15 half acre fingerling or brude stock ponds and 3 conditioning ponds to resurrect fish in poor health. There was also a major drainage network required to enable the draining of the ponds for maintenance and water quality issues. Water from Indian Creek reservoir was mixed with local well ground water to achieve varying levels of alkalinity and pH. The site had a visitors center, maintenance/workshop building, administrative office, and the incubation or fish hatchery reproduction building.   PEC retained JC Aquaculture as its subconsultant to assist in the design of the reproduction facilities.

Service Type: Site Development and Recreational
Project Name:   Perkins Road X-treme Skills Park
Project Location Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Estimated Const. Cost: $5,000,000 total of which $2,000,000 site work
Funding Sources: Local Funds

PEC was retained by JFDS to prepare preliminary and final design of all civil/site work improvements for X-Treme skills venues including skateboard bowels, BMX & fixed-gear bicycling, climbing walls, walking trails, fishing pond and parking facilities.  The firm was responsible for the closure of the existing sewage oxidation pond and its reconfiguration as part of the proposed lake system. The overall drainage of the park was a critical aspect of design as much of the stormwater flow was redirected to the lake system for both retention and improved water quality by maintain  minimum water elevations.  The final park plan consolidated  these action sports into use areas that radiated out from the wheel shaped  action sports hub.  The final plan redefined the existing community park that served as a venue for football and baseball into an extreme sports part for the City.  PEC also assisted with assessing  and making recommendations on construction issues during  construction of the proposed site elements of the plans.

Service Type: Site Development and Recreational
Project Name:   Hwy 57 Recreational Complex
Project Location Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Client JFDS/City of Ocean Springs
Estimated Const. Cost: $ 1,600,000
Funding Sources: Local

PEC as a subconsultant to Landscape Architect and recreational planning firm, JFDS, was retained to design roads, drainage, and utilities for the new multipurpose sports complex.  The firm had to meet various elevation and layout requirements to economically design the basic site improvements built contiguous to extensive wetlands located in various parts of the 65 acre site. The site was historically prone to flooding and the drainage design was critical to make the overall recreational fields as flood proof as possible.  The road system was used to bring utilities into the site and were then routed directly to key receptor locations in set aside utility corridors.  PEC worked with JFDS to ensure utilities would be accessible and not conflict with field configurations. 

Service Type: Site Development
Project Name:   South Tangipahoa Multiplex
Project Location Hammond, La
Client Gulf States Real Estate
Estimated Const. Cost: $2,000,000
Funding Sources: Private

PEC was retained by Gulf States Real Estate to layout and design a multi zoned residential, commercial and industrial site on the estimate 75 acre track of land adjacent to the I-12 service road near Hammond.  The firm was responsible for subdividing the tract into multi size lots for each of the proposed development areas. The firm coordinated closely with the Owner to optimize the lot sizes and numbers in each type of development areas to meet the proposed economic model for maximizing the financial prospectus of the site.    The proposed entry roadway  through the various tracts and dedicated ROW’s were planned and designed to serve as the primary utility corridor to minimize costs of  future service to each of the various lots and in the different functional areas.  The drainage plan was a critical element of the project to route all stormwater flows to offsite drainage systems that would not be extended beyond their capacities to service this proposed development.  The firm retained a local surveyor for the site and road’s topographic characteristics.  The site work  and associated road designed to be  built in phases if necessary to accommodate  or provide flexibility to the financial plan of the Owner.