Portfolio Projects: Natural Gas

Service Type: Water & Gas
Project Name:   Phase III Water & Gas Distribution System Improvements
Project Location Baker, LA
Client:   City of Baker
Estimated Const. Cost: $1,200,000
Funding Sources: Local

The City of Baker recognized various section of its existing natural gas system were in serious need of replacement due to potential corrosion of the system due to deterioration of the existing cathodic protection network. PEC was retained by the City to evaluate the need for replacement and generally the scope of the work effort required. The entire distribution system was evaluated for identification of old steel gas pipelines and there replacement. Project consisted of the design and construction of new 2” and 4” PE gas mains to replace steel mains, new service connections and gas meters throughout the City of Baker. The firm also mapped the new and existing lines to comply with La DNR Office of Pipeline Safety requirements for municipal gas systems.

Service Type: Gas
Project Name:   High Pressure Gas Main (Firetower Road and LA Hwy. 22)
Project Location Madisonville, LA
Client:   Town of Madisonville
Estimated Const. Cost: $769,000.00
Funding Sources: Local

The Town of Madisonville gas system was aging and in need of replacement and expansion for additional customers brought into the system. PEC evaluated the system for the required capacity to service new and proposed customers and the need to replace the existing gas main serving much of the town’s existing and proposed customers. PEC prepared plans and specifications for design and construction of a new 6” high pressure gas main along a main route through the Town. The route utilized existing ROW and was attempted to minimize conflict with other utilities and any disruption of service or business conflicts during tie in procedures.