Portfolio Projects: Environmental

Service Type: Environmental Studies
Project Name:   Henderson Lake Study
Project Location: Henderson Lake, Louisiana (St. Martin Parish)
Client: St. Martin Parish Council
Funding Sources: State Department of Natural Resources

In 2003, via Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 66, the State of Louisiana requested that the Atchafalaya Basin Program of the Department of Natural Resources conduct “a study with the goal of preserving Henderson Lake on a long term basis and to ensure that future generations are able to reap the lake’s environmental, educational, scenic, and economic benefits”.  Professional Engineering Consultants Corporation was contracted by the Atchafalaya Basin Program to perform said study. The main issues to be addressed in the study were the infestation of the aquatic nuisance, Hydrilla, the deterioration of Lake Henderson’s control structure (being a man-made lake, this structure was required to keep a minimum water level in the lake during the dry season), and the overall economic development of this area.  A key element of the study was the large number of stakeholders involved in scoping the project, debating solutions and creating a plan.  Several public meetings were held to obtain the input of those stakeholders.

A comprehensive study of the control structure was also conducted and rehabilitation methods were proposed. 

Hydrilla Infestation

Lake Henderson Control Structure

Service Type: Environmental
Project Name:   Washington Parish Landfill
Project Location: Washington Parish, Louisiana
Client: Washington Parish Council
Estimated Const. Cost: $ 1, 380,000
Funding Sources: Local

PEC was retained to upgrade and expand the Washington Parish Landfill for accepting additional  MSW (municipal solid waste). The design and construction efforts consisted of new cell Nos. 4 and 5 which involved excavation, creation of embankment, a 3 foot clay liner, a 60 mil HDPE liner, leachate collection and pumping system, 12” sand permeable layer over the leachate collection system, erosion control, and seeding and mulching.  The firm oversaw the construction of the additional facilities to ensure it conformed to the design requirements in the plans and specifications.  The plans were reviewed and approved by LDEQ Solid Waste division.

Service Type: Environmental Information Document (EID)
Project Name:   Proposed Multi-Process Wastewater Treatment Training Facility
Project Location: Scotlandville, LA
Client: Southern University
Estimated Const. Cost: $13,800,000
Funding Sources: LADEQ

PEC in conjunction with Southern University’s Environmental/civil graduate studies program prepared an EID as per Louisiana DEQ ‘s/US Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance for State Revolving Loan fund projects to facilitate the project’s funding.  The proposed project is the construction of 0.75 MGD -$13.8 million dollar training facility on the Southern University campus.   The treatment facility will have multiple processes to facility a variety of exposure to different plant operating schemes.  The EID addressed  the description of the existing training facilities and treatment  problem, the proposed project to be performed,  alternatives to the proposed action, the existing environmental setting, environmental impacts and concerns,  adverse impacts can’t be avoided, relationship  between short and long term impacts, and  irreversible  and irretrievable commitment of resources.  The EID also addressed environmental justice issues and incorporates public opinion into the final document.   The major environmental issue related to this facility is its proximity to the adjacent Scotlandville neighborhood that has been experiencing odor problems from the East Baton Rouge Parish North Plant.   The facility is proposed to fill the need of a hands-on wastewater training facility that will improve the quality and training of operators in Louisiana and potentially regionally and nationally as it will be the only facility of this type in the country.

Service Type: Environmental
Project Name:   South Central Bell Above Ground Diesel Tank Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)
Project Location: South Central Bell Site Statewide
Client: South Central Bell
Estimated Const. Cost: $50,000
Funding Sources: Private

PEC personnel (project is staff experience) were retained by South Central Bell to review over 30 sites throughout Louisiana and related above ground tank installations for compliance with applicable DEQ and EPA (SPCC) regulations.  The staff also reviewed all internal and external piping and control systems providing alternative upgrade scenarios to meet environmental requirements.  Thirty individual SPCC plans and upgrade measures were prepared for the 30 sites.