Portfolio Projects: Coastal Marine Services

Service Type: Coastal/Marine Structures and Levees
Project Name:   Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station
Project Location St. John Parish, Louisiana
Client State of Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources (LADNR)
Estimated Const. Cost: $3,300,000
Funding Sources: FEMA

Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station is located between Lake Ponchartrain and Lake Maurepas and is only accessible by water. The station is operated by Southeastern Louisiana University and its purpose is to further study and education regarding the estuarine wetlands ecosystem. The facility was severely damaged during the recent hurricanes and was selected to be rebuilt through a FEMA grant.

As a subconsultant to Gasaway and Gasaway Architects, PEC was retained to provide consulting engineering services to replace the existing shoreline protection at this facilities coastal and wetlands location. The firm has coordinated all surveying and geotechnical services to gather information for the design of the proposed bulkhead, docks, including shoreline fill and stabilization. The restabilized area is an estimated 900 feet of shoreline to be protected by a new steel bulkhead with tie-backs, and dredged fill material. An estimated 5,000 cubic yards of dredged material was used to fill voids and restabilize the existing facility shoreline. The total construction costs of this shoreline work was $3,200,000.00.

Service Type: Coastal/Marine Structures and Levees
Project Name:   Port Eads Marina Redevelopment
Project Location Port Eads, Louisiana (30 Miles South of Venice
Client Plaquemines Parish Government
Estimated Const. Cost: $ 10,000,000
Funding Sources: FEMA & Parish

PEC was retained by the Parish of Plaquemines to be the Prime consultant for the Port Eads Marina design and construction.   The project consists of the reconstruction of a Parish owned marina and associated infrastructure destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. The facility is located in a total water environment accessible only by water craft.  Main elements of the design include coordinating with the Parish’s Program Manager and FEMA regarding eligibility of items to be reconstructed such as boat docks, fueling stations, administration building, two camp sites, water storage, pumping, and distribution facilities, miscellaneous electrical items, and other miscellaneous structures.  Also part of this project is bringing the facility up to the latest sanitary standards by installing a new sanitary sewer system. The final plans will be in a complete water environment and will include detailed elevation/profile sheets showing required dredge depth at marina and main entrance to the canal.  The structural plans will contain elevation section cuts at all structures, including marina, elevated walkways, piling layouts (based on provided Geotechnical report). The firm must obtain all related permits from the COE, LA Coastal Zone, LA DEQ, DHH and other applicable requirements.  The firm is working closely with Parish authorities and their PM to bring this facility back on line at the desired level of quality and completeness that will make it an outstanding recreational facility.

Service Type: Coastal/Marine Structures and Levees
Project Name:   Laurel Ridge Levee Improvements
Project Location Ascension Parish, Louisiana
Client East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District
Estimated Const. Cost: $9,000,000
Funding Sources: Local/FEMA

PEC as a subconsultant to CDM, assisted in the development of the initial feasibility study and design development phase of the Laurel Ridge Levee in East Ascension Parish for backwater flood control of the Amite River and Bayou Manchac watershed. The project was based on the receipt on new flood elevations developed by FEMA for this area of Ascension Parish.  A complete evaluation of the existing system and future levee height to meet these new elevations requirements was a key to the entire project’s development. The proposed new levee is 11,800 L.F. in length.  Also included in this work is raising the existing Laurel Ridge Levee to 16’ msl which is one (1) foot above the 100 year flood event of the Amite River.  The existing levee is 14,500 L.F. in length.

Service Type: Coastal/Marine Structures and Levees
Project Name:   Improvements to the Raw Water Intake and Canal Rehabilitation - Lake Verret
Project Location Amelia, LA
Client St. Mary Parish Water and Sewer Commission
Estimated Const. Cost: $800,000
Funding Sources: Local Funds

Project consisted of the design and construction oversight of a new 1,400 GPM raw water intake structure including pumps, wet well, sump pump, steel building, foundation (timber piles), concrete slabbed pier with timber piles, subaqueous intake piping and appurtenances. The firm was later retained to design and rehabilitate the existing raw water intake canal including land restoration and sloped bank stabilization (concrete revetment mat). The firm also was responsible for obtaining all related permits from applicable agencies including the COE, DEQ, DNR, and local authorities.