Portfolio Projects: Aviation Services

Service Type: Airport and Drainage
Project Name:   Runway 17-35 Safety Area Improvements
Project Location Louisiana Regional Airport, Gonzales, Louisiana
Estimated Const. Cost: $2,548,000
Funding Sources: FAA and LDOTD Aviation

In 2007 the Ascension St. James Airport and Transportation Authority called upon the professional services of PEC to improve a non standard Safety Area on Runway 35 at Louisiana Regional Airport in Gonzales.  The Airport faced safety issues with a major drainage canal running through the Runway Safety Area just 300 ft. south of the threshold of Runway 35.  The FAA standard requirement for safety area beyond the end of the runway is 1000 feet.

To meet the requirements of safety, the Panama Canal would have to be either relocated outside of the safety area or transformed into a subsurface system beneath the safety area.  PEC’s design alternative study provided the information which allowed the Authority to move forward with the sub surface conveyance system.

PEC provided the hydraulic analysis to determine the proper structure to allow the flow of storm water runoff through the Airport.  The designed structure consisted of three 10 ft x 10 ft reinforced concrete box culverts 520 ft. in length.  Our design staff completed preliminary and final plans as well as coordinated with local, state and federal agencies to gain approval for the construction of the system.

Construction on the project began in November 2007 and was completed in August 2008 by Circle Construction.  Precast concrete box culverts were used and placed on 36 inches of prepared limestone bedding.  Once the box culverts were set in place, select fill was placed, compacted and seeded, giving the Airport the level of safety required.

Service Type: Airport Development
Project Name:   Extension of Runway 18-36 and Taxiway “A”
Project Location Slidell Municipal Airport, Slidell Louisiana
Estimated Const. Cost: $1,533,000
Funding Sources: FAA and LDOTD Aviation

Faced with sharp growth in the number of business aircraft utilizing the Slidell Municipal Airport, in 2003 the City of Slidell contracted PEC to provide the necessary analysis to provide the Federal Aviation Administration with the proper justification to allow the Airport to move forward with a planned runway extension.

Upon FAA approval of the Runway and Taxiway A Extension, PEC provided the necessary design services in order to bring the project to bid and construction.  Our services included: drainage, geometric, pavement and lighting design all in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Design regulations.  PEC also provided construction administration services as well as grant coordination.

The project which was completed in 2006 consisted of site clearing, drainage, pavement base and surfacing for the 945 ft. Runway and Taxiway extension as well as lighting and relocated NAVAIDS.

Service Type: Airport Pavement
Project Name:   Runway 18-36 & Taxiway Joint & P.C.C. Panel Rehabilitation
Project Location Hammond North Shore Regional Airport
Estimated Const. Cost: $ 850,000
Funding Sources: FAA and LDOTD Aviation

Runway 18-36 at Hammond North Shore Regional Airport was constructed of concrete 50+ years ago.  In the most recent years the condition of the runway has deteriorated due to water entering the base through the joints and cracks along the runway. Due to the entrance of water and movement of aircraft, many concrete panels were beginning to spall in places and break off creating Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on the airfield pavements. 

In order to prolong the remaining pavement life, the City of Hammond contracted with PEC for design services to rehabilitate the Runway 18-36 and Taxiway pavement system.  Our staff conducted an extensive pavement survey and compiled the data into a priority rehabilitation list.  From the list we prepared pavement rehabilitation plans and specifications which incorporated several methods of pavement rehab best suited for each condition. 

The rehabilitation project consisted of cleaning and resealing of all joints and repair of concrete spall areas by using a partial depth patching method.   In addition, concrete panels which were severely deteriorated were removed and replaced using high early strength concrete to avoid long closures of airport facilities.  All runway and taxiway markings were removed and repainted at the completion of the pavement rehab. 

The project was completed in September, 2009 by Pavement Maintenance Unlimited, Inc.

Service Type: Airport Lighting
Project Name:   Lighting and NAVAIDS Improvements
Project Location Jennings Airport
Estimated Const. Cost: $1,211,000
Funding Sources: FAA and LDOTD Aviation

A reliable lighting and NAVADS system is crucial for the safe operation of an Airport. In 2004 after years of deterioration, the lighting system at Jennings Airport was on the verge of failure.  PEC was selected by the Airport District to design a new lighting and NAVAIDS system for both runways at this facility.

After meeting with the airport sponsor and FAA, our staff formulated a plan to move forward with a total rebuild of the lighting system in three phases over three funding years.   Each planned phase was tailored to the available funding allotted for the airport.

The lighting and NAVAIDS design included medium intensity runway and taxiway lighting, mandatory signs, PAPIs and REILS all connected to a new constant current 5 KV system.  All system wiring was run in PVC conduit into lighting cans at each component.  The anchor of this system is a prefabricated electrical vault housing regulators and controls with backup generator power.

Our design staff provided the design and plan preparation in accordance with FAA and LDOTD standards for airport lighting.   We were able to provide the Airport with a seamless project over three years with minimal disruption to Airport services.